Lot 500

A 22ct gold bloodstone seal ring with carved lady's head intaglio. Approx weight…

Est £100- £150

Lot 501

An 18ct white gold diamond cluster ring set with 0.25ct of stones in…

Est £150- £200

Lot 502

An 18ct yellow gold and platinum diamond solitaire ring, the round cut stone…

Est £200- £250

Lot 503

An 18ct yellow gold diamond trilogy ring, the three stones totaling approximately 0.2ct…

Est £100- £150

Lot 504

An 18ct yellow gold gentlemen's ring having 17 old cut stones in an…

Est £150- £200

Lot 505

An 18ct white gold apatite and diamond ring set with 2.00ct of round…

Est £120- £180

Lot 506

A 14ct white gold tanzanite and diamond ring together with a 9ct white…

Est £100- £150

Lot 507

A 9ct yellow gold topaz and diamond ring together with a similar smoky…

Est £100- £150

Lot 508

A 9ct yellow gold college ring with central cabochon ruby and engraved shoulders.…

Est £60- £80

Lot 509

A 9ct gold amethyst and opal ring, the stones in a navette shaped…

Est £60- £80

Lot 510

A group of nine rings consisting of two 14ct dress rings, five 9ct…

Est £200- £300

Lot 511

A 9ct gold amethyst crossover ring together with two 9ct gold green stone…

Est £80- £120

Lot 512

A group of five 9ct gold rings to include spinel eternity ring, wishbone…

Est £100- £150

Lot 513

An 18ct yellow gold diamond cluster ring with a flower head setting, together…

Est £150- £200

Lot 514

A 22ct gold wedding ring together with a 9ct gold signet ring A/F.…

Est £80- £120

Lot 515

A group of eleven silver dress rings to include garnet and amethyst cluster…

Est £50- £80

Lot 516

An assortment of 9ct gold and yellow metal items to include ladies watches,…

Est £200- £300

Lot 517

An assortment of silver and white metal jewellery to include necklaces, bracelets, brooches,…

Est £60- £100

Lot 518

A Victorian yellow metal hairwork mourning brooch together with a 9ct gold gatelink…

Est £180- £220

Lot 519

An assortment of 9ct gold and yellow metal earrings. Approx weight 13.5g

Est £100- £150

Lot 520

A pair of 9ct gold hoop earrings having a textured finish, together with…

Est £40- £60

Lot 521

An assortment of 9ct gold and yellow metal items to include mainly earrings.…

Est £70- £100

Lot 522

An 18ct yellow gold diamond solitaire ring, the approximately 0.5ct stone in a…

Est £200- £300

Lot 523

An 18ct yellow gold diamond cluster ring. Approx weight 3.1g

Est £80- £120

Lot 524

A group of four rings to include a 9ct gold lapis lazuli ring,…

Est £180- £220

Lot 525

A late Victorian 18ct yellow gold ruby and diamond ring. Approx weight 4g

Est £100- £150

Lot 526

A Victorian 18ct yellow gold turquoise ring. Approx weight 3.2g

Est £60- £80

Lot 527

A 9ct gold oversized clear stone ring together with a 9ct gold wedding…

Est £50- £80

Lot 528

A 9ct gold five bar gate link bracelet with padlock claps and safety…

Est £180- £220

Lot 529

A 9ct gold Victorian pearl and turquoise brooch together with a yellow metal…

Est £50- £80

Lot 530

A 9ct gold fancy link bracelet with cross motifs. Approx weight 31.6g

Est £350- £400

Lot 531

A 9ct gold three bar gate link bracelet together with a 9ct yellow…

Est £100- £150

Lot 532

A 9ct gold Victorian locket with cast foliate edging and engine turned decoration…

Est £100- £150

Lot 533

A Victorian 9ct gold amethyst pendant, the single hexagonal stone suspended from a…

Est £150- £200

Lot 534

A large 9ct gold mounted micro-mosaic brooch depicting a cherub riding a chariot.…

Est £300- £500

Lot 535

A 15ct gold spider pendant set with blue topaz and seed pearl. Approx…

Est £60- £90

Lot 536

A 9ct gold Masonic fan fob with engraved and pierced Masonic symbols. Approx…

Est £60- £80

Lot 537

A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks with engraved scrolling foliate decoration. Approx weight…

Est £80- £120

Lot 538

An Edwardian yellow metal carved shell cameo brooch depicting a lady playing a…

Est £40- £60

Lot 539

A 9ct rose gold belcher link necklace. Approx weight 33.6g

Est £280- £350

Lot 540

A 9ct gold belcher link necklace having two wavy sections. Approx weight 12.2g

Est £140- £180

Lot 541

A 9ct gold flat link chain. Approx weight 9.9g

Est £120- £160

Lot 542

A 9ct gold guard chain A/F suspending a 9ct gold crucifix together with…

Est £180- £220

Lot 543

A faceted red bakelite bead necklace together with a pair of matching earrings…

Est £40- £60

Lot 544

A quantity of late 19th/early 20th century jet items to include bead work,…

Est £40- £60

Lot 545

A Georgian yellow metal pendant with both sides painted in sepia on ivory,…

Est £70- £100

Lot 546

A yellow metal belcher link chain suspending a mounted 1912 sovereign and a…

Est £280- £350

Lot 547

A Edward VII half sovereign dated 1907, mounted in a 9ct gold mount…

Est £100- £150

Lot 548

A Edward VII half sovereign dated 1903

Est £80- £120

Lot 549

A Edward VII full sovereign dated 1910

Est £180- £220