Lot 5001

5005 Tich Herald three oil portraits

Lot 5002

A late 19th/early 20th century mahogany dumbwaiter

Lot 5003

5008(2wks ago) An Aesthetic Movement ebonised glazed sideboard with jasperware panel

Lot 5004

A torchere stand on Queen Anne-style legs

Lot 5005

Spare lot

Lot 5006

A stationary model of the Flying Scotsman in a perspex case

Lot 5007

A Victorian mahogany chest of drawers two over three

Lot 5008

A female half mannequin

Lot 5009

A mahogany multi drawer filer

Lot 5010

An oak sideboard with plate rack over

Lot 5011

A mahogany framed glass fire screen

Lot 5012

A plant stand decorated in the chinoiserie manner

Lot 5013

A marble topped dressing table

Lot 5014

A late 19th/early 20th century mahogany inlaid corner cabinet of barrel form

Lot 5015

A gilt framed wall mirror

Lot 5016

A pine framed wall mirror

Lot 5017

Two framed oils on board, landscapes

Lot 5018

Two dolls high chairs and a modern porcelain headed doll

Lot 5019

A leather pouffe/footstool decorated in the Egyptian manner

Lot 5020

Two boxes of glassware and china including Doulton match holders, lidded tankard, ashtrays…

Lot 5021

A late 20th/early 21st century mahogany dining table and four chairs and a…

Lot 5022

A cased metronome

Lot 5023

A Sorrento ware side table

Lot 5024

Two 1970's tile topped coffee tables

Lot 5025

A 1970's teak framed wall mirror

Lot 5026

A nest of teak coffee tables

Lot 5027

A Yesterdays Shopping Army & Navy catalogue for 1907

Lot 5028

Two modern black tub chairs

Lot 5029

A Stag low sideboard

Lot 5030

Two Murano-type glass chandeliers and two wall lights (af)

Lot 5031

A Victorian mahogany pot cupboard

Lot 5032

A small oak framed armchair and a pine framed armchair

Lot 5033

A gold painted Lloyd Loom-style chair

Lot 5034

A barley twist torchere

Lot 5035

Spare lot

Lot 5036

A pair of round seated kitchen chairs and a Victorian elm seated kitchen…

Lot 5037

Two brass table lamps and an alabaster-type lamp

Lot 5038

A walnut cased overstrung upright piano

Lot 5039

A wooden rubbed canvas travelling trunk

Lot 5040

Two mahogany framed armchairs

Lot 5041

A Rheinmetall cased typewriter

Lot 5042

A 1960's maple finish chest of drawers

Lot 5043

A quantity of framed and glazed prints

Lot 5044

An oak corner cabinet

Lot 5045

Four framed and glazed photographic prints of Bedford

Lot 5046

A masters cloak and two Naval officers jacket/overcoats, together with a selection of…

Lot 5047

A pair of Japanese embroideries, a Chinoiserie decorated mirror, a similar photograph frame…

Lot 5048

A Victorian pine chest of drawers two over three

Lot 5049

Three cased typewriters by Imperial etc.

Lot 5050

An Edwardian oak chest of drawers