Lot 1

A navy blue German post war air force jacket together with a green…

Lot 2

A Pioneer component stacking system with boxes

Lot 3

A green kimono along with a black top

Lot 4

A framed and glazed map of Herefordshire along with two other prints

Lot 5

A mid-20th century framed print of crying child initialled A Z

Lot 6

A 19th century carved and pierced bevel glass mirror

Lot 7

A pair of framed and glazed pictures of birds of prey

Lot 8

An acrylic on board of cantering horse signed Brian Jones 71

Lot 9

A pony skin

Lot 10

A modern leopard print rug

Lot 11

A multi-line bordered Afghan rug

Lot 12

A framed and glazed limited edition print entitled 'Pork Scratchings'

Lot 13

Four framed and glazed spy prints

Lot 14

A Nocture Cream 100% wool Berber carpet. 5.9m x 5m (19' x 16'…

Lot 15

A Chagall Marble 100% wool Natural Weave carpet. 4.1m x 3.45m (13' 3''…

Lot 16

A Dimensions Cornsilk Beige 80% wool twist carpet. 5.5m x 5m (18' x…

Lot 17

An Ordina Ecru 100% wool Natural Weave (line fault at 1.6m) 15.5m x…

Lot 18

A Gibralter Beige 100% wool Berber carpet. 5.9m x 5m (19' x 16'…

Lot 19

A Softer Sisal Twilight 100% wool Natural Weave carpet. 6.1m x 5m (20'…

Lot 20

A Dimensions Heather Rye 80% wool Twist (loose back) carpet. 5.5m x 5m…

Lot 21

A Softer Sisal Griege 100% wool Natural Weave carpet (5.1m x 5m (16'…

Lot 22

A Scala Greige 100% wool Natural weave carpet. 6.15m x 5m (20' x…

Lot 23

A mahogany framed oval bevel glass mirror

Lot 24

An ornate gilt framed oval mirror

Lot 25

A framed oil on board of house signed Hoult

Lot 26

A framed and glazed limited edition print of dogs and pheasants by Mick…

Lot 27

An unframed oil on canvas of harbour scene

Lot 28

A selection of composite stone garden platers in the form of boots

Lot 29

Two framed and glazed religious pictures

Lot 30

A wooden framed rectangular mirror

Lot 31

A composite stone garden ornament in the form of a windmill

Lot 32

An architecturally framed rectangular mirror

Lot 33

A Knight and Gibbins of London drop dial wall clock with Westminster chimes

Lot 34

A framed and glazed print of a young lady together with a Beetles…

Lot 35

A gilt framed oil of countryside scene

Lot 36

An Edwardian rosewood and boxwood strung marquetry cabinet

Lot 37

A selection of stoneware and glazed garden pots

Lot 38

Two Russell Flint prints along with a selection of frames

Lot 39

Three monochrome prints, one of interior, two of lady and child

Lot 40

A 19th century gilt framed oval mirror with candle sconces

Lot 41

A framed and glazed watercolour of lake scene signed J F Black

Lot 42

Three stoneware garden planters with lion mask decoration

Lot 43

A composite stone garden bench with squirrel pedestals

Lot 44

A modern drop dial wall clock

Lot 45

A Persian rug having multi-line border enclosing a pink ground field with central…

Lot 46

A composite stone garden planter with dog pedestal

Lot 47

Two composite garden planters

Lot 48

A mid-20th century oak drop dial wall clock

Lot 49

A near pair of composite stone bird baths with child pedestals

Lot 50

A framed and glazed picture of a tiger by William Finch