Lot 2001

Apple 4K tv 32GB model A182 in sealed box.

Lot 2002

Nvidia 4K Shield TV 8GB boxed.

Lot 2003

Apple 45W Magsafe 2 power adaptor.

Lot 2004

Ring Chime Doorbell in sealed box

Lot 2005

Amazon Fire tv Stick 4K in sealed box.

Lot 2006

Amazon Fire tv Stick boxed.

Lot 2007

Amazon Fire tv Stick boxed.

Lot 2008

Google Chromecast media streaming device boxed.

Lot 2009

Netgear 5 port Gigabit ethernet unmanaged switch. Model GS305 in sealed box

Lot 2010

Blink XT2 Alexa Enabled Wireless security camera in sealed box.

Lot 2011

Philips Hue Spotlight Buckram Black white ambiance light boxed.

Lot 2012

Amazon Echo Show 5 in sealed Packaging.

Lot 2013

Amazon Echo Speaker 3rd Generation boxed.

Lot 2014

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Boxed.

Lot 2015

Hive Leak sensor Boxed and sealed

Lot 2016

HDMI video converter boxed.

Lot 2017

Tronsmart Element Mega Speaker Boxed.

Lot 2018

Bose Soundsport Free wireless earphones boxed.

Lot 2019

Kangaroo home security motion sensor boxed.

Lot 2020

Scope Media Player By Yupp TV in sealed box.

Lot 2021

AOM TS002 Wall multi-scanner boxed.

Lot 2022

Sennheiser DW Pro 2 headset and a Dell operators headset boxed.

Lot 2023

Linksys Velop, Whole Home Wifi Tri Band Mesh Router boxed.

Lot 2024

Behringer Ultra Voice XM8500 Micrphone

Lot 2025

Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 usb interface.

Lot 2026

Behringer DJ Headphones HPX2000 in box.

Lot 2027

Behringer Xenyx Q502 usb 5 input 2 bus mixer boxed.

Lot 2028

Behringer Ultra-G GI100 Battery phantom power DI box.

Lot 2029

Behringer Ultra-G GI100 Battery phantom power DI box.

Lot 2030

Behringer XM1800s set of Three Dynamic Cardioid Microphones.

Lot 2031

Mini Game Entertainment system with built in games, boxed.

Lot 2032

Sega Mega Drive Classic game console with 80 built in games. boxed.

Lot 2033

Sony Playstaion VR includes Camera, Headset, and cabling, boxed, ( NO games Included)

Lot 2034

Wacom Intuos Pro Graphics Tablet with stylus, boxed.

Lot 2035

Led Floodlight boxed.

Lot 2036

LOGIK compact sound bar with remote.

Lot 2037

Behringer DD6600 Digital Delay Pedal boxed.

Lot 2038

Behringer NR300 Noise Reducer Pedal Boxed.

Lot 2039

Behringer CO600 Chorus Orchestra Pedal Boxed.

Lot 2040

Behringer CO600 Chorus Orchestra Pedal boxed

Lot 2041

Behringer TO800 Vintage Tube Overdrive Pedal Boxed.

Lot 2042

Tone City Flexo Drive Switch By J.Wong.

Lot 2043

Behringer Micro Amp HA400 4 channel headphone amplifier

Lot 2044

Behringer Microphono PP400 Ultra Compact Phono pre-amp.

Lot 2045

Six Pairs of Vater 7a stretch Hickory drumsticks.

Lot 2046

Behringer U-Control UCA202 usb audio interface with a 15m XLR extension cable.

Lot 2047

Milbro clearview 3-9X50AOEG scope boxed.

Lot 2048

Wooden desk companion with drawer and inkwell .

Lot 2049

Tattoo Needles with 6 bottles of Tattoo ink.

Lot 2050

Cross Matte chrome finish ball point pen in case.