Lot 1

A Victorian style glass celing rose with floral design

Lot 2

A framed and glazed cricket print 'Oval Scenes' signed by Alan Feanley, with…

Lot 3

A gilt framed oil on canvass of a cottage by river scene, signed…

Lot 4

An early 20th century oval bevel glass mirror

Lot 5

A Victorian walnut and banded overmantle mirror

Lot 6

Two ornate gilt framed wall mirrors

Lot 7

A modern framed oil on canvass of a thatched cottage scene

Lot 8

A framed Scottish whiskey advertising mirror

Lot 9

Two framed and glazed prints of Highland scenes

Lot 10

A framed and glazed possible watercolour of a garden scene, signed bottom right

Lot 11

A framed etching of windmill scene

Lot 12

An assortment of framed and glazed prints, one of a Scottish gentleman etc.

Lot 13

A pink glass celing hanging light shade with dried grass panels

Lot 14

A framed and glazed watercolour of children on costal scene

Lot 15

A framed and glazed photograph of St Mary's church, Warwick

Lot 16

An early 20th century carved oak banjo barometer

Lot 17

A selection of framed oil's and prints on various subjects to include costal…

Lot 18

A framed and glazed watercolour of a village church by pond scene, signed…

Lot 19

A reproduction carved jardinere stand with a circular grey marble top

Lot 20

A selection of framed and glazed prints on various subjects to include badgers,…

Lot 21

A selection of framed embroideries, woolworks, prints of Winne Ther Pooh etc.

Lot 22

A large carton of various frames, framed and glazed prints on various subjects,…

Lot 23

A small carton of various framed and glazed prints to include street scenes…

Lot 24

Two mid 20th century design prints of young girl and boy by Soulet

Lot 25

A early 20th century hammered copper framed oval beveled glass mirror

Lot 26

A black painted Chinese style alter table

Lot 27

A framed and glazed Japanese silk needlework of still life and ducks

Lot 28

A rectangular brown and black ground rug

Lot 29

A framed oleograph of young lady

Lot 30

A small cast iron safe by Withers and Sons, no key

Lot 31

A rosewood framed and glazed silk needlework of shepherdess and suitor

Lot 32

A black painted metal fire place with an assortment of tiles

Lot 33

A reproduction mahogany stick barometer

Lot 34

A substantial modern pine dresser having plate rack to top, the base having…

Lot 35

An oak cased model sailing vessel

Lot 36

A large gilt framed bevel glass mirror

Lot 37

An Edwardian rosewood and marquetry dresser base, having a single drawer over two…

Lot 38

A modern framed and glazed print of Highland scene

Lot 39

A framed and glazed possible pencil drawing of a military gentleman

Lot 40

An early 20th century mahogany dressing table, the mirror over two drawers and…

Lot 41

A framed and glazed limited edition print of sailing vessel

Lot 42

An Edwardian walnut wardrobe having a mirrored beveled glass centre door with drawer…

Lot 43

A framed and glazed Cuneo print of steam locomotive

Lot 44

A framed and glazed David Shepherd print titled 'The ivory is theirs'

Lot 45

An antique advertising board

Lot 46

A framed and glazed limited edition print 'A race to the finish'

Lot 47

Two framed prints of Lancaster bombers, one by Cuneo the other by Gerald…

Lot 48

Three framed and glazed etchings after Hogarth, one being Henry the VIII

Lot 49

A set of four black and brass mounted framed Egyptian papyrus paintings

Lot 50

A set of four plaster moulded Egyptian plaques