Lot 2001

KMP Laser Toner Cartridge,B-T10 boxed.

Lot 2002

Now tv box, apple tv remote, smart phone projector kit, Lanka dash cam,…

Lot 2003

Network cable wifi range extender's, Barcode reader, etc.

Lot 2004

HP printer paper, various packs of labels and toner cartridges.

Lot 2005

Bag containing large quantity of tablet cases and screen protectors.

Lot 2006

TP-Link and BT wifi Range extender kits.

Lot 2007

Bag containing MSI graphics card, various keyboards, HP speaker, etc

Lot 2008

Bag of BT and various other boxed routers etc.

Lot 2009

Bag containing various powerbanks including Romoss sene 8 30000mAh kit.

Lot 2010

Bag of loose powerbanks, various capacities, including Solar power charger.

Lot 2011

Large quantity of mobile phone protective screens and covers.

Lot 2012

Bag containing mixed IT, cabling, Keyboards, power supplies, etc.

Lot 2013

Bag of Various mobile phone chargers, usb cables, and accessories./.

Lot 2014

Bag of mixed brand printer ink catridges, Including Brother, Canon, HP, etc.

Lot 2015

Bag of various sized batteries to include, Duracell ,Amazon essentials, etc

Lot 2016

Bag of various Brand powerbanks, incuding ADATA, Energizer, etc.

Lot 2017

Bag of CD's Various artists, including Metallica, Jonny Squid, The Rolling Stones, etc.

Lot 2018

Box of Vinyl records singles and albums, including Nirvana, Doro, Beastie Boys, etc.

Lot 2019

Yankee Candles and other scented candles.

Lot 2020

Bag of 30 dvd movies, and boxsets,

Lot 2021

Swann Pro series HD CCTV system and other CCTV spares in box

Lot 2022

Box of classic USB keyboards

Lot 2023

Box of classic USB keyboards

Lot 2024

Box of classic USB keyboards

Lot 2025

2003 Box of LP records

Lot 2026

2024 Bag of mixed loose headphones and headphones charging case

Lot 2027

2015 Various Guardians of the Galaxy themed power banks

Lot 2028

2014 Star Wars themed power banks

Lot 2029

2010 Alba CD FM Radio boom box

Lot 2030

2012 Bag of IT spares, mobile phone accessories etc

Lot 2031

2016 Bag of loose items, spares, mixed cables, mobile phone spares etc

Lot 2032

Dell Rostro 3131 laptop with PSU (af)

Lot 2033

Dell laptop with PSU (af)

Lot 2034

Lenovo G550 laptop with PSU (af)

Lot 2035

Samsung 3530EC laptop with PSU (af)

Lot 2036

Fujitsu laptop with PSU, Lifebook U904 (af)

Lot 2037

HP pavilion DV9000 laptop no PSU (af)

Lot 2038

Dell Inspiron laptop (af)

Lot 2039

HP laptop Pavilion G6 (af) no psu

Lot 2040

2 laptops 1 HP and 1 Toshiba for spares and repairs

Lot 2041

Dell Inspiron mini 10 desktop and Dell Inspiron laptop no PSU's

Lot 2042

HP and Toshiba laptop for spares and repairs

Lot 2043

2 Acer laptops for spares and repairs

Lot 2044

(132) 2 tower PC's with monitors and keyboards (af)

Lot 2045

Dell studio laptop computer with Windows Vista, pentium presser, PSU

Lot 2046

Dell studio laptop computer with Windows Vista, pentium presser, PSU

Lot 2047

Lenovo Yoga 3 core i7 ultrabook with psu

Lot 2048

Median PC eurospeed graphics tablet in box

Lot 2049

LG flatron 24'' screen, stand, spare keyboard and mice

Lot 2050

Watch repair toolkit set in case