Lot 2001

Bag containing 6 various TV wall brackets

Lot 2002

Bag containing quantity of various electrical related items and accessories; HP toner, mic…

Lot 2003

Bag containing laser toners, bluetooth keyboard cases, Mitsubishi CK900S paper sheet sets etc

Lot 2004

Bag containing mousemats, cabling, USB fan etc

Lot 2005

Bag containing various gaming accessories; controllers, cases, stand, mount, etc

Lot 2006

Bag containing various electrical related accessories; wireless headphones, Sky remotes, 3D glasses, mounts,…

Lot 2007

Bag containing various toner cartridges and loose black ink in bag

Lot 2008

Bag containing various tablet cases and covers

Lot 2009

Bag containing various tablet covers and cases

Lot 2010

Bag containing various loose costume and dress jewellery

Lot 2011

Bag containing various loose costume and dress jewellery

Lot 2012

Bag containing various empty jewellery boxes

Lot 2013

Bag containing various mobile phone and electronic accessories

Lot 2014

Bag containing various miscellaneous items; toner cartridges, screen protectors, LG TV remote, etc

Lot 2015

Bag containing mobile phone cabling, accessories, and chargers.

Lot 2016

Bag of mixed sunglasses and reading glasses, various styles and brands.

Lot 2017

Bag of PC , Laptop ,IT cabling ,chargers, and other peripherals.

Lot 2018

Bag containing Tecknet IT, keyboards, routers, Netgear switch, etc.

Lot 2019

Sky broad band accessories including, routers, Vodafone broadband kit, etc

Lot 2020

Bag containing motherboard's and mixed electrical items. including a 2011-v3 Lenovo motherboard, and…

Lot 2021

Sony DAB ZS-RS70BTB digital radio.

Lot 2022

LG Bluray player boxed model BP250

Lot 2023

Alba CD-FM radio in box.

Lot 2024

F36050 telescope in box

Lot 2025

Corsair H55 AMD cpu cooler sealed in box.

Lot 2026

Bag containing 2 x BT smart hub kits and 2 x BT home…

Lot 2027

Antec vintage PC case with Foxcom motherboard and AMD graphics card

Lot 2028

Swan security CCTV unit with three cameras and cabling

Lot 2029

Flight case of CCTV equipment

Lot 2030

Five packs of logictech mouse and keyboard kits

Lot 2031

Six logitech folio bluetooth keyboards

Lot 2032

Acer Aspire 1810TZ notebook in red sleeve

Lot 2033

Five various laptops with spares and repairs, Toshiba, HP, Asos

Lot 2034

2063 Xbox 360 console in white with power supply

Lot 2035

Acer and Toshiba laptop (a/f) with power supplies

Lot 2036

Samsung 500T convertable notepad

Lot 2037

Samsung chromebook, no power supply

Lot 2038


Lot 2039

Acer Windows 7 vintage laptop, no power supply (a/f)

Lot 2040

Emachines laptop, no power supply, vintage (a/f)

Lot 2041

Dell inspiron 1525 Windows Vista vintage laptop, no power supply (a/f)

Lot 2042

HP pavillion laptop, core i5 processor, powersupply

Lot 2043

Optima DC300i camera system

Lot 2044

Optima DC300i camera system

Lot 2045

Apple iBook laptop (a/f) with power supply and DVD player

Lot 2046

Dell Latitude D620 laptop (a/f)

Lot 2047

Apple Macbook Pro A1278 (a/f) spares and repairs only

Lot 2048

Apple Macbook Pro A1502, sold for spares only

Lot 2049

Apple Macbook Air A1466 sold for spares only

Lot 2050

Apple Macbook Air A1466 sold for spares only