Lot 2001

Pioneer DVR-3100 DVD Player and Recorder

Lot 2002

Quantity of Gould & Goodrich accessories; Gun Holster H720A G17, Double Magazine Holster…

Lot 2003

Ipswich Town Number 33 'Bialkowski' football shirt bearing signature (*UNVERIFIED*)

Lot 2004

5x Eschenbach Mobase stand for Mobilux LED

Lot 2005

Rycote Softie microphone windshield

Lot 2006

Tecknet extended gaming mousepad

Lot 2007

Behringer EQ700 graphic equalizer and Boss CS-3 compression sustainer

Lot 2008

Quantity of various tattoo needles

Lot 2009

Quantity of tattoo ink and tattoo pedal

Lot 2010

Norwich City FC flag bearing signatures (*UNVERIFIED*)

Lot 2011

Small 'Scholer' Concertina

Lot 2012

Numark CDN88 dual MP3 mixer

Lot 2013

Faderfox DJ4 DJ controller

Lot 2014

Phineus II 'Meridian Response' LP vinyl record

Lot 2015

2 boxed Bunnykins figures; 'Drummer Bunnykins' and 'Knockout Bunnykins'

Lot 2016

3x Royal Doulton Bunnykins figures; 'Rise and Shine', 'Tourist Bunnykins' and 'Father Bunnykins'

Lot 2017

Nintendo DS Lite and 2 games: NintenDogs and Merlin

Lot 2018

Nintendo 3DS Skylanders Spyro's Adventure starter pack, 3DS case and 3DS Mario Kart…

Lot 2019

PS4 Dualshock 4 controller in orange, PS3 controller, HD Link Cable for PS2,…

Lot 2020

Mont Blanc 594S mens sunglasses

Lot 2021

Cross ballpoint pen with custom engraving

Lot 2022

Sennheiser E838 microphone with case

Lot 2023

2x TileMate item trackers

Lot 2024

Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C, guitar strings and headphone amplifier

Lot 2025

Butterflies in frame

Lot 2026

Fitness tracker and MyZone MZ-3 fitness t racker

Lot 2027

Ascom Messenger MKII phone

Lot 2028

Temperature scale

Lot 2029

Signed photo of Scott Hall as Razor Ramon and one other (2x *unverified*)

Lot 2030

RF GS detector

Lot 2031

KAM BP1960 UHF transmitter with headset

Lot 2032

Super Metroid game for Super Nintendo

Lot 2033

Quantity of computer boards/parts and RAM

Lot 2034

Vintage collectable JD Jack Daniels brass lighter in box

Lot 2035

Set of EPNS fruit forks in case and white metal chain

Lot 2036

Lifx colour-changing app-controlled WiFi lightbulb

Lot 2037

9ct marked broach with three gems in red box

Lot 2038

Pair of 18ct diamond earrings in case

Lot 2039

Parcel of 9ct and yellow metal jewellery; rings, earrings, locket, charm

Lot 2040

Quantity of marked 925 and white metal jewellery; bangle, rings, necklaces, earrings etc

Lot 2041

Quantity of Trollbeads bangles/jewellery

Lot 2042

11x 18k gold plated bracelets

Lot 2043

Quantity of boxed Pandora jewellery; 2 bracelets, 1 bangle, 3 charms, 1 ring…

Lot 2044

Pandora ALE R bracelet with accompanying charm together with quantity of loose Pandora…

Lot 2045

Quantity of Warren James jewellery; bangle (crystals from Swarovski), bracelet and two necklaces

Lot 2046

Quantity of Swarovski jewellery; 2 necklaces, earrings and 3 bracelets

Lot 2047

Hugo Boss fountain pen, Vivian Westwood earrings, Tiffany & Co. earrings and Simon…

Lot 2048

Vintage ABOL Syringe No.5 insecticide sprayer insecticide

Lot 2049

HD Lipo Freeze 360 cavitation applicator

Lot 2050

Dreamlink IPTV media box