Online Bidding Guide

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in four simple steps:
• Create your i-bidder, saleroom or bidspotter account
• Register for the auction
• Leave a max bid
• Bid live in the auction

Bid live at our auctions in real time

in four simple steps:

Create your i-bidder, saleroom or bidspotter account
If you are new to i-bidder, saleroom or bidspotter, you will first need to create your i-bidder account. Click Register on the i-bidder, saleroom or bidspotter home page and complete the registration form. You will only need your email address and a secure password.

Register for the auction
You can view items available to bid on in an auction from the catalogue page. You will need to register for the auction to participate. From the catalogue page, click on the orange Connect to auction button. You’ll then be asked a few details about yourself and securely enter your debit/credit card details.

Leave a max bid
You can place a maximum bid on a lot that you are interested in before the auction starts. This is the highest amount you are willing to pay.
i-bidder, saleroom or bidspotter will then place bids on your behalf, bidding just enough to keep you in the lead, never going beyond your max bid.

Bid live in the auction
Be sure to note the date and start time for the auction, as you can also bid in real time as the auction progresses. You will be able to hear the auctioneer call out the bids and follow bidding on screen as it happens. When your lot comes up, use the blue ‘Bid Now’ button to place your bid. Bid quickly to give yourself the best opportunity to purchase the item. You will be notified on screen if you are Leading, have been Outbid or have Won the item.

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