Going for Gold

The gold sovereign is one of the world’s oldest coins still in production today. Having been minted for over 200 years, the current design from 1817 is the work of renowned engraver Benedetto Pistrucci, featuring the iconic St George and the Dragon design. Since this time, the coin has witnessed the reigns of several British monarchs.

It was during the rule of Queen Victoria that the sovereign gained worldwide popularity. Throughout the rule of Queen Victoria three various designs of her sovereigns were struck – the Young Head, the Jubilee Head and the Old Head. Although originally only minted in London, during the late 1800s and early 1900s thousands were eventually produced as far afield as India and Canada – including mints in Bombay, Ottawa, Pretoria, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Apart from their gold content, some sovereigns have additional value due to their historical significance, rarity, or unique characteristics. Collectors will often seek out these coins for their numismatic value. The scarcity of a particular sovereign can greatly impact its value. Sovereigns with low mintages or those from specific years or mints may command higher prices.
1819 George III Sovereign: This coin is known as the "1819 George III large head" sovereign and is considered one of the rarest sovereign, only 3,574 coins were struck.
1879 Victoria Young Head St George Sovereign: The low mintage coupled with the historic military year makes it extremely popular with collectors.
1937 Edward VIII Sovereign: Due to the king’s abdication this coin is not only the rarest Sovereign, but one of the rarest coins in the world only a handful are known to exist.
1989 Elizabeth II Gold Proof Sovereign: This modern sovereign is relatively rare due to its design change and low mintage celebrating the coins 500-year anniversary.
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