A Collectors’ Delight - Moorcroft Pottery

One of the most enduring collecting fields in the Decorative Arts market over the last few years has been Moorcroft pottery. Today an auction room staple with a unique look, its appeal lies in the wide range of shapes and patterns and the high standard of production. The style was the pioneering effort of its founder William Moorcroft (1872-1945) and later by his son Walter Moorcroft (1917-2002) who took over the running of the pottery in 1945, producing a vast quantity of designs himself. Moorcroft collectors generally seek out early examples and rare patterns and colours to add to their collection..

What to look out for:
• Early Art Nouveau-influenced Florian Ware are a very sought-after range
• 1980’s Sally Tuffin pieces can also reach large sums, especially limited editions
• Some of the most common designs ‘Pomegranate’; ‘Pansy’; ‘Wisteria’ produced from 1910 until the late 1930s, defined by vivid large flower patterns, are also still very collectable today and are often the bread and butter of many a saleroom .  

'Downsizing', turning out the loft, garage or shed, dispersing parent's property etc., may reveal a hidden treasure. If you own anything which you think might be suitable for one of our sales please contact 01234 266366 or antiques@peacockauction.co.uk.
Alternatively, attend one of our Valuation Days where clients are invited to bring along items for complimentary auction advice without obligation.