Lot 1

Pair of white plastic stacking garden chairs

Lot 2

Green plastic folding garden lounger

Lot 3

Pair of aluminium disability scooter ramps

Lot 4

2 folding workmates and folding garden table

Lot 5

Collection of garden tools

Lot 6

2 wooden step ladders

Lot 7

Short aluminium ladder and 2 tread step ladder

Lot 8

2 aluminium step ladders

Lot 9

(8) Garden spiker and lawn spreader

Lot 10

Pair of pine and glazed doors and flush door

Lot 11

Galvanized feed bin

Lot 12

Galvanized metal incinerator

Lot 13

Set of 4 wooden folding deck chairs

Lot 14

Set of 4 aluminium wheels and tyres, 235/35 ZR19

Lot 15

2 cast iron manhole covers with frames

Lot 16

Quantity of metal hanging baskets

Lot 17

Wooden garden trough with hanging baskets and flower pots

Lot 18

2 tyres of various sizes

Lot 19

Hardwood folding garden table and set of 4 matching chairs

Lot 20

4 galvanized buckets

Lot 21

Plastic manhole cover with frame

Lot 22

Wrought iron and marble top garden table and pair of similar chairs

Lot 23

Double 13 aluminium extending ladder

Lot 24

Double aluminium extending ladder

Lot 25

12 rung aluminium ladder

Lot 26

Hozelock hose pipe and reel

Lot 27

Quantity of clay flower pots

Lot 28

Stained wooden plant trough and 1 other

Lot 29

2 nets of kindling

Lot 30

Pallet of insulation materials

Lot 31

Stained planter on stand

Lot 32

Quantity of various shower doors

Lot 33

Galvanized metal scaffold tower

Lot 34

2 acro props

Lot 35

2 reels of plastic and wire mesh for cold frames and galvanized watering…

Lot 36

Aluminium 3 tread step ladder

Lot 37

Car sun roof

Lot 38

Triple stack rabbit hutch

Lot 39

Cooper Pegler CP15 knapsack sprayer

Lot 40

Pair of Ford wheels and tyres

Lot 41

Pair continental wheels and tyres, 125/90 R16

Lot 42

Husqvarna LT100 ride on tractor mower with grass collector

Lot 43

West Wood S1300 ride on tractor mower with grass collector

Lot 44

Metal sack barrow

Lot 45

Metal sack barrow/ platform barrow

Lot 46

Plastic dog kennel

Lot 47

2 nets of kindling

Lot 48

2 nets of kindling

Lot 49

Planted galvanized bucket and watering can with strawberries

Lot 50

Pallet of various glazed shower screens