Lot 1

Banksy (b. 1974), 'No More Ball Games (Grey)', screenprint in colours, 2009, signed…

Est £20000- £30000

Lot 2

Mies van der Rohe, a pair of 1976 'Barcelona' chairs, the brown leather…

Est £1000- £1500

Lot 3

Robert Young for Merrow Associates, a chrome, glass and teak three-tier trolley, l.…

Est £300- £400

Lot 4

A pair of 1960's teak framed 'New Yorker' armchairs with loose cushions, triangular…

Est £400- £600

Lot 5

A French coffee table with a rectangular glass surface over a smaller nesting…

Est £40- £60

Lot 6

Giotto Stoppino for Kartell, a clear moulded plastic magazine rack, h. 36 cm,…

Est £40- £60

Lot 7

Rene Herbst, a 'Sandow' armchair, the elastic string seat and back supported by…

Est £250- £300

Lot 8

Lucian Ercolani for Ercol, a nest of three elm 'Pebble' tables on beech…

Est £250- £300

Lot 9

A 1970's brown leather and button upholstered wingback armchair on teak legs by…

Est £150- £200

Lot 10

A pair of 1970's lounge armchairs with brown upholstered seats, backs and arms…

Est £200- £300

Lot 11

A 1970's brown two-seater sofa on beech legs in the manner of Borge…

Est £100- £150

Lot 12

A pair of 1970's bentwood and tan leather button upholstered armchairs

Est £100- £150

Lot 13

A 1970's beech, white highlighted and upholstered three-piece suite including a two-seater sofa,…

Est £100- £150

Lot 14

A 1970's black leather low armchair with mahogany tapering legs

Est £100- £150

Lot 15

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, (1912-2004), 'St. Andrew's Bay', signed and dated 1981 in pencil on…

Est £2000- £2500

Lot 16

A pair of 1970's blue enamelled squat ceiling lights

Est £40- £60

Lot 17

A pair of 1970's pale blue enamelled ceiling lights of squat form by…

Est £40- £60

Lot 18

A 1970's Horn Type 76A white enamelled four-tier ceiling light

Est £30- £40

Lot 19

A Lysakaer white enamelled three-tier ceiling light of squat form

Est £30- £40

Lot 20

A Top-Lamper 'Agat Pendel' white enamelled three-tier ceiling light

Est £30- £40

Lot 21

Patrick Caulfield (1936-2005), 'She fled along the avenue', edition of 200, taken from…

Est £200- £300

Lot 22

Patrick Caulfield (1936-2005), 'Complaint concerning melancholy and literary debates', ''Oh Helen, I roam…

Est £200- £300

Lot 23

Patrick Caulfield (1936-2005), 'Along a twilighted sky,' edition of 200, taken from 'Some…

Est £200- £300

Lot 24

Patrick Caulfield (1936-2005), 'Crying to the walls: My God! My God! Will she…

Est £200- £300

Lot 25

Patrick Caulfield (1936-2005), 'Oh! If one of them, some fine evening, would try,'…

Est £200- £300

Lot 26

Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia, a pair of red leather 'Metropolitan' armchairs on…

Est £600- £1000

Lot 27

Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia, a brown leather 'Metropolitan' stool on a four-star…

Est £100- £150

Lot 28

Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia, a metallic grey/green leather 'Metropolitan' stool on a…

Est £100- £150

Lot 29

Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia, an oak four door Maxalto Collection 'Titanes' sideboard,…

Est £800- £1200

Lot 30

Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia, a pair of 'Tight' metallic grey/green leather armchairs…

Est £400- £600

Lot 31

A 1970's teak single pedestal desk with three drawers on square straight legs,…

Est £120- £150

Lot 32

A 1970's teak desk with an arrangement of six drawers on circular legs,…

Est £150- £200

Lot 33

A 1970's teak desk with two two-drawer pedestals suspended below on square legs,…

Est £150- £200

Lot 34

A Form Light white and lilac enamelled five-tier pull-down ceiling light in the…

Est £40- £60

Lot 35

A 1970's white enamelled ceiling light with a red grill

Est £30- £40

Lot 36

A 1970's-type white enamelled three-tier ceiling light

Est £30- £40

Lot 37

A five-tier 'burnt' brass coloured ceiling light

Est £30- £40

Lot 38

A 'Light Studio' white enamelled three-tier ceiling light by Horn

Est £30- £40

Lot 39

A two-tone perspex ceiling light of squat form in grey and white

Est £20- £30

Lot 40

A Danish 'Super Lights' white enamelled three-tier ceiling light

Est £30- £40

Lot 41

Clarice Cliff for Newport Pottery, a Bizarre Range saucer decorated with a geometric…

Est £30- £40

Lot 42

A pair of 1980's (?)Italian wall plaques decorated with bulls, together with a…

Est £20- £30

Lot 43

A 1950/60's yellow glass lamp shade of squat form with white bands, d.…

Est £20- £30

Lot 44

A figural sculpture, bearing a 'Musee du Louvre reproduction' stamp, h. 29 cm,…

Est £30- £40

Lot 45

A limited edition resin figural group, 1616/2300, by Ramon Conde, h. 14 cm,…

Est £200- £300

Lot 46

A set of lacquered 'Russian dolls' in the form of famous presidents, max.…

Est £30- £40

Lot 47

A Poole Pottery hors d'oeuvres dish decorated with fish, w. 35 cm, together…

Est £20- £30

Lot 48

A McDougalls Homepride four piece condiment set, marked 'Spillers 1979'

Est £30- £40

Lot 49

A pair of Ecuadorian terracotta figures modelled as a family, h. 26 cm,…

Est £40- £60

Lot 50

A boxed Tomy Robo I together with a Scooter 2000 remote control robot

Est £40- £60