Lot 1001

4 wheels and 3 tyres

Lot 1002

Large and small blackboards

Lot 1003

(10) 2 plastic chairs

Lot 1004

(8) Stack of 6 plastic chairs

Lot 1005

Drain clearing set

Lot 1006

(5) Quantity of garden umbrellas

Lot 1007

3 garden umbrellas and 2 folding deck chairs

Lot 1008

3 folding garden chairs

Lot 1009

Mountfield petrol powered lawn mower

Lot 1010

Suffolk Supercolt push along lawn mower

Lot 1011

Hose reel on trolley

Lot 1012

4 Honda wheels and tyres

Lot 1013

Firefly gas barbecue on trolley, no canisters

Lot 1014

Quantity of hose reel and secateurs

Lot 1015

2 metal ramps

Lot 1016

Wheel barrow with contents of ceramic plant pots

Lot 1017

(13) Quantity of glass panes

Lot 1018

Large quantity of garden tools incl. rake, fork, axe, etc.

Lot 1019

3 bags of kindling wood and 3 bags of wood off cuts

Lot 1020


Lot 1021

Plastic folding wheelbarrow and quantity of garden tools, forks, spades, etc.

Lot 1022

Child's go kart

Lot 1023

Child's police car

Lot 1024

Folding garden chair and cushion

Lot 1025

3 garden brushes

Lot 1026

Quantity of garden tools

Lot 1027

Child's Spider-Man motor bike

Lot 1028

Child's JCB ride along cart

Lot 1029

Large ceramic planter, boy shaped planter and 2 plant pots

Lot 1030

(24) Wicker conservatory suite comprising table and 2 chairs

Lot 1031

Garden umbrella and stand

Lot 1032

2 bird cages, 1 large, 1 small

Lot 1033

Large metal bird cage

Lot 1034

Front door in UPVC frame, glass pane missing

Lot 1035

(14) Red garage door

Lot 1036

Large quantity of ceramic plant pots, some with contents

Lot 1037

Sink planter

Lot 1038

Wooden garden bench

Lot 1039

Quantity of plant pots incl. large green plastic plant pot

Lot 1040

Double extending aluminium ladder

Lot 1041

(7) Folding wooden and metal step ladder

Lot 1042

Wooden decorator's step ladder and 1 other ladder

Lot 1043

Wooden and metal step ladder

Lot 1044

2 wooden folding step ladders

Lot 1045

2 metal folding step ladders

Lot 1046

Qualcast manual lawn mower with one other green manual lawn mower

Lot 1101

Mahogany freestanding corner cabinet with central inlaid decorative panel

Lot 1102

Beech kitchen dresser with plate rack over

Lot 1103

Quantity of collector's plates depicting European and Oriental countryside scenes with 4 boxes…

Lot 1104

Art Deco style oak gentleman's wardrobe