Lot 2001

Smart switches, Bluetooth audio adaptors, Laptop chargers, etc.

Lot 2002

Apple device accessories and cables, earphones.

Lot 2003

Hp wifi mouse , laptop chargers, and various cabling.

Lot 2004

Mobile phone chargers, cables, etc.

Lot 2005

Focus T25 beach body work out aplha and beta dvd set.

Lot 2006

Bag of empty jewellery boxes and cases.

Lot 2007

Bag containing Guitar Hero guitar, Orzly accessory bag, Nintendo gamboy colours, Star Wars…

Lot 2008

Bag containing PS3 wireless controller, Nintendo & Skylander game figures, Xbox 360 Kinect,…

Lot 2009

Bag containing 8 laser toner cartridges and quantity of iPad covers and screen…

Lot 2010

Bag containing 6 laser toner cartridges and a waste toner cartridge

Lot 2011

Bag containing keyboards, computer cabling, Antenna amplifiers, adapters, iPhone repair kits etc

Lot 2012

Bag containing quantity of iPad covers, screen savers & 2 laser toner cartridges

Lot 2013

2022 Part drum kit set in bag

Lot 2014

Singing Machine karaoke system in box

Lot 2015

2030 Lindy LCD plasma screen ?????????

Lot 2016

Sunny beam by SMA communication system and a SMA solar technology solar converter

Lot 2017

Hover board with charger

Lot 2018

Playstation 2 console, 2 controllers and GTA game

Lot 2019

Playstation 3 console, 2 controllers and 3 games

Lot 2020

X Box 360 console, with controllers, 2 games and power pack

Lot 2021

Wii console in box, various accessories

Lot 2022

Microsoft wireless comfort keyboard

Lot 2023

Bag of loose headphones

Lot 2024

5 mixed laptops for spares and repairs

Lot 2025

4 laptops for spares and repairs

Lot 2026

3 laptops for spares and repairs

Lot 2027

Dell Inspiron core i5 tower PC

Lot 2028

Apple tower PC

Lot 2029

Dell Optiplex 380 tower PC with monitor

Lot 2030

Dell Optiplex 755 tower PC with boxed monitor

Lot 2031

Dell 220S tower PC

Lot 2032

2024 (129) Ebox tower PC with keyboard

Lot 2033

2027 HP Nook mini PC with power supply

Lot 2034

Smart Technologies projector SBP15X

Lot 2035

Smart Technologies projector UF75

Lot 2036

Smart Technologies projector UX60

Lot 2037

HP Pavilion slim line PC with keyboard, mouse and monitor

Lot 2038

Samsung all in one computer core i3 with power supply, keyboard and mouse

Lot 2039

Creative 2.1 stereo audio system for PC's

Lot 2040

Samsung 22'' monitor display

Lot 2041

2038 LG Flatron 15'' display

Lot 2042

Q Acoustics back plate for TV's

Lot 2043

Apple iMac all in one computer

Lot 2044

Apple iMac all in one computer

Lot 2045

Apple iMac with keyboard

Lot 2046

Apple cinema HD display screen monitor

Lot 2047

Sony 37'' TV KDL37S5500

Lot 2048

HP Office Jet Pro printer 6830

Lot 2049

HP Office Jet Pro 8615 printer in box

Lot 2050

HP Envy 7640 all in one printer in box