Lot 1

Yellow drum cart and oil drum

Lot 2

Pair of black metal circular seated garden chairs

Lot 3

Large pair of tractor wheels and tyres

Lot 4

5 sets of vintage metal harrows

Lot 5

Metal yoke

Lot 6

Pair of pole mounted bird scarers

Lot 7

Roll of wire

Lot 8

Pair of combine harvester wheels and tyres

Lot 9

Pair of large farm machinery wheel with tyres

Lot 10

4 boat fenders

Lot 11

2 seater blue painted wooden garden bench

Lot 12

I/C Briggs & Stratton petrol engine rotovator

Lot 13

Petrol engine merry tiller

Lot 14

Collector's Item: Metal incubator

Lot 15

Push along lawnmower and ash handled vintage sack barrow

Lot 16

Shallow tray cont. fire place and other metal wares and tools

Lot 17

(1047) Heavy roller

Lot 18

Aluminium double extending ladder

Lot 19

4 twin handled corn grain silo airers

Lot 20

Set of platform scales together with some

Lot 21

Galvanised waster bin cont. quantity of tools, funnels and oil cans

Lot 22

Metal wheelbarrow and contents of potato sacks

Lot 23

Roll of chicken wire

Lot 24

2 partial rolls of chain link fencing

Lot 25

3 boxes of small ceramic plant pots

Lot 26

Boxed wavy slide together with other unboxed children's play equipment

Lot 27

Quantity of vintage hand tools incl. sickles, sieves etc.

Lot 28

Circular hardwood garden table

Lot 29

(16) herb planter and hand tools

Lot 30

Two planters and 2 hanging basket brackets

Lot 31

Galvanised outdoor wash stand with sink and tap

Lot 32

(1014) Metal wheelbarrow

Lot 33

(1020) Red metal sack barrow

Lot 34

(1008) 2 lengths of aluminium clad work surface

Lot 35

Roof box with bars

Lot 36

2 green plastic sun loungers

Lot 37

Trolley BBQ

Lot 38

McCullough Trim Mach250 petrol engine strimmer

Lot 39

Small quantity of plant pots

Lot 40

Orange kayak

Lot 41

2 seater garden table with 2 matching chairs

Lot 42

Animal hutch

Lot 43

(1023) Christmas tree holder and bags of kindling

Lot 44

(1033) Atco petrol engined cyclinder mower

Lot 45

2 hardwood folding garden chairs

Lot 46

Garden hose reel (no hose)

Lot 47

Stack of four plastic garden chairs

Lot 48

Metal wheelbarrow

Lot 49

(1015) 2 lengths of garden hose

Lot 50

Set of 4 folding white plastic garden chairs