Weekly Auctions


Friday from 8.30am - 8.00pm
and morning of sale from 8.30am

Bedford Weekly Auction Every Saturday

Saturday 23 September, 10:00am

Bedford Auction Centre


Wednesday 9am - 8pm
Morning of the sale from 9am

St Neots Weekly Sale Every Thursday

Thursday 28 September, 10:00am

St Neots Auction Centre


Saturday 23rd September – 10am - 2pm,
Tuesday 26th September - 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 27th September – 9am - 7pm,
Morning of sale from 9am

Vintage Triumph Motorcycles

Thursday 28 September, 11:00am

Leamington Spa Auction Centre


Wednesday 12 noon - 7.00 pm
and morning of sale from 9.00 am

Leamington Spa Weekly Auction Every Thursday

Thursday 05 October, 11:00am

Leamington Spa Auction Centre


Each week we sell a range of vehicles including cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

Vehicle Sales Information